Getting onto our Patient Portal is easy.....

1. Request an Invitation eMail by calling 505-883-8099.  It looks like this:

Click "Click here to begin the registration process."

2. This will open a website, shown below:

Enter your birthdate.  Correctly helps!

3. When you enter the date, you'll see the "Activate Account" button, like this:

Click it!

4. Once Activated, you will see this:

5. Create your account login, password, email and security question.  Don't forget this information!

You will be routed back to our Patient Portal Login.  Enter your information in a box that looks like this:

Enter the username and password you just created.  You're done!

Timesaving Hint:
DON'T Click
"Activate your account here" 
...because you just activated it!

(505) 883-8099


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