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Independent Clinic

Nurse Practitioner Owned & Operated

Since 2015

In todays large and complicated healthcare environment, we focus on the basics and make an effort to simplify healthcare. Using evidence based-methods, we are able to provide high quality Primary Care services at our medical clinic in an effort to improve patient health and well-being.


Our focus remains on the whole person, not just symptoms of a disease. With an emphasis on Preventative Care, we aim to avert poor medical outcomes before they occur.

Ethan Adler, NP.jpeg
Ethan Adler, NP

Ethan is a board certified Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner, and cares for all ages and genders, specializing in complex medical issues in adult, adolescent, and behavioral health. His experience consists of both Emergency Room and Family Practice medicine.  He is a transplant from Del Mar, California, calling Albuquerque home for more than a decade.

Michelle Adler, NP .jpeg
Michelle Adler, NP

Michelle is also a board certified Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner and also has an MBA.  She is also a transplant to Albuquerque (via Florida, New York and Maryland) from St. Catherine, Jamaica, and also has called Albuquerque home for more than 10 years. She provides care for all ages and genders, with experience in Hospital Intensive Care and Family Medicine.