Telemedicine & Patient Portal


There will be a $50 missed appointment charge for:

Appointments cancelled with less than one business day notice, &  

Appointment "no shows" for any reason.

Tips for Success

  • It can take some patients up to an hour to log in, update their medical record and get into the telemedicine system before starting a video appointment.  NEW: We are scheduling in-clinic appointments again.

  • We will not start Telemedicine appointments if you are more than 10 minutes late, and may have to reschedule you if you're not ready in time.  Please view the very short YouTube How-To videos linked below.

  • Computers are always better than cell phones for telemedicine....

  • ...and, Wifi or connected networks are always better than cellular connections.

  • PLEASE!  You cannot be operating a vehicle, shopping, working, or otherwise distracted during your appointment.  It's not only a safety issue, it's inappropriate for a medical appointment..

  • Seriously: Be fully dressed.  Don't be in the bathroom or in bed.  It's inappropriate for a medical appointment.

  • It's you're medical appointment, let's make it a great one!