Effective November 9, 2020:
We can no longer provide Telemedicine or Patient Portal Technical Support on the same day as an appointment.
Our resources are too limited, and the "urgency" of last minute calls for Tech Support
is too great, frequently cutting into appointment times.

If you have problems getting into your TeleMedicine appointment using the new system,
please use the "Old Video Portal" link below.
  It does not require a username or password. 
NOTE: The Old Video Portal does not have provider messaging or appointment request function, or any of your medical history or records.  The New Patient Portal has all of these. And More.
Please return to the "New" Telemedicine & Patient Portal when you have additional time,
we will be able to provide non-urgent Technical Support on day that your appointment won't be held up by troubleshooting.

Telemedicine Etiquette 101 (aka "the rules"):
Telemedicine isn't for everyone. We do our best to deliver high-value
Telemedicine care during the pandemic. We will need your help to do this.

When scheduling a Telemedicine Appointment with our Providers,

you are agreeing that you understand the following:

  • PLEASE do not wait for the same day as your appointment to login to our Portal for the first time.  If you require technical assistance, we may have to cancel and reschedule your appointment.  We cannot provide Technical Support on the same day as an appointment as these calls result in reduced appointment times, appointments missed altogether, and strain our clinic resources.

  • COMPUTERS WORK BETTER THAN PHONES.  We may not be able to provide Tech Support for cell phone access issues.

  • "Networks" (work, home, wifi) work better than cellular connections.  We may have to stop the appointment if the connection isn't good enough.

  • If you are driving, the appointment will be ended immediately.  We do not "wait for you to park".  It is a safety hazard, and will result in either a Missed Appointment fee, or discharge from our practice. 

  • We pay attention and do not do perform tasks or have conversations during your appointment, and we will expect the same during your TeleMedicine appointment.


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